Foxy Alex Is Shy When Meeting Andre Stone, Scene #01

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Alex is a shy little thing just moved to the big city from his very conservative upbringing to go to college. He has tried hooking up with guys in the apps but is always to shy too follow through so has found his way to the glory hole to get some. There is this one dick that always seems to be there when he is and it’s HUGE. He keeps thinking about it all the time when he is at home and decides to write a note to give him if he ever sees him again. Well this afternoon he is in luck and on his knees his favorite cock comes through the hole. He is so excited and sucks right away until he remembers his note in the pocket and hands it through the hole asking him to knock if he wants to follow him home, and knock he does. Back at Alex’s bedroom the owner of the giant dick Andre surveys the sweet little college boy in front of him knowing he is going to destroy that ass. Alex is waving his whole ass at him begging for just that in fact. Andre puts the new boy through his paces with Alex begging and moaning the entire time. Once on his back Alex can hold off no more to Andre’s pounding and shoots a massive load all over himself and then scoops some of it up to taste as well. Andre starts fucking hard to build up his own load and empties it out on Alex as well.