Ethan Sinns Gets Fucked By Micah Martinez

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description: Ethan Sinns and Micah Martinez have had that perfect summer Romance that is coming to an end. Ethan was accepted to grad school and they just want these last few moments together to be special and well, slutty too. So out by the pool in that golden afternoon light they make out and Micah munches on that tasty Ethan ass. Before they get a little too wild they head into the house to continue and Micah just can’t get enough of that hole. Ethan is just in the moment knowing this love is fleeting. When Micah pumps his hard cock inside of him he has a blissful look of ecstasy across his face until pumping his own cock in rhythm together he explodes all over his stomach. Micah not one to miss the moment as well he begins a furious thrusting on Ethan’s ass ending with dumping his sizable load deep within Ethan’s ass pulling it open to show him. Some summers just should never end.