Checking My Mate

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Bucky Wright is practicing hard for a chess tournament coming up and he has invited his friend Jeremiah Cruz to come by to have a fresh face to play against. Jeremiah only told Bucky he could play so he could get at that Phat ass that Bucky has going on. As they get down to a match and Bucky can see he will obviously win this too easy so he might as well have some fun with this hot ginger Jeremiah. Bucky gets right down on that dick without much delay but is sure to also eat that ginger fuzzy hole too before he gets his own cock sucked. Jeremiah needs no teaching when it comes to cock sucking and his hole game is on point too. Bucky needs it slow at first but before long Jeremiah is pounding away at his hole relentlessly. Jeremiah just loves that hole Bucky offers and fucks him right up until he pulls out to pop on Bucky’s ass and then fucks the cum right back in there. Bucky of course needs a cock in his mouth to cum but shoots his own load and then asks when they can do this again.