Dirty Flip Fuck With Masyn Thorne & Liam Cyber

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Liam Cyber has invited a new guy into his lair. He has been talking to a very cute new boy on one of the dating sites and finally asked him to come on over and see his play room and get down. Masyn Thorne is very impressed and aroused by Liam and his space all set up for sexy time. But not long and Liam is telling Masyn to get to work on his cock which he is more than happy to do. Masyn is a very dirty slut deep down and he gets to work with a sloppy slutty mouth that is made for sucking cock. But even more so he has a slutty hole that likes to get fucked and Liam is more than happy to drill him out first. But Liam is also a versatile guy and wants to get some fucking for himself as well. Masyn is more than happy to oblige and Liam jumps up and down on his cock with abandon, finally shooting his huge nut past even Masyn’s face and more all over him. Masyn follows up with his own substantial load and quickly asks to be invited back again.