Some Toys Are Just For Adults, Scene #01

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Serene Siren returns home from a shopping spree with her stepdaughter, Demi Hawks. They giddily put their respective boutique bags into separate piles, eager to unpack them. As Serene helps Demi unpack her bags, they gush over all the cute clothes they bought for Demi. But when Demi finds a sex toy in one of the bags, Serene is mortified, realizing that one of HER bags must have made its way into Demi’s pile!Demi is curious about the toy, so Serene decides to teach her about sex. As Serene dutifully does her best to teach Demi, Demi grows more curious, eventually asking Serene to SHOW her rather than explain it. Serene is a bit hesitant at first but, with Demi’s insistence, decides to go with it!