Cheeky Family Pillow Fight, Scene #01

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Maddy May is a bit worried about her stepmom, Pristine Edge. Ever since Pristine’s divorce, she’s just not been the same fun-loving stepmom that Maddy’s used to. Pristine’s been mopey, dour, and on-edge. It breaks Maddy’s heart, and she just wishes there was something she could do to cheer Pristine up. One day, while Pristine is cleaning up her room, Maddy pokes her head in and asks if Pristine would like to do something fun. Maybe they could watch a movie? Or perhaps they could go out for lunch and then do some shopping? Pristine, however, isn’t enthused, and curtly declines. Not one to give up easily, Maddy grabs a pillow and smacks her stepmom on the butt with it. This takes Pristine aback… but then a playful smile crawls across her face. If Maddy wants a pillow fight, then she’s going to have it! Within seconds, the two of them are bouncing around the room, locked in a playful and joyous pillow fight. But things take a naughty turn when Pristine starts spanking Maddy’s ass. Maddy loves it, and when Pristine gets a bit frisky with her and spreads her ass cheeks apart, Maddy tells her to keep going. Pristine’s a bit hesitant, but can’t resist her stepdaughter’s sweet booty. They have playful sex, giving Pristine the morale boost she needed!