Sugar Mentor, Scene #01


Description: Penny Barber is visited by Valeria Atreides, who works with her at an LGBTQ+ community center. Valeria says that she wanted to thank Penny for all the work she’s done to help people within the community, especially queer people like themselves — and even MORE for trans people like Valeria. Penny is touched as she tries to politely brush off the compliments, saying that Valeria has done plenty as well. Working with someone younger like Valeria who came in with a wealth of experience and knowledge in other aspects of their work has been a life-saver.

Valeria points out that Penny HERSELF has been a literal life-saver, because she helped Valeria with getting the gender-affirming care that she needed. Today’s an anniversary of a particular milestone in her transition, and Valeria’s admiration, respect, and — dare she say it — LOVE for Penny has only grown. In fact, Penny means so much more to her than just as a colleague or a mentor, and Valeria wants to finally give ALL of herself to Penny.

Penny is extremely touched and flustered but a little confused as she asks Valeria what she means by giving ALL of herself. ‘You already give me your everything with all the hard work you do,’ Penny insists.

Valeria summons up her courage and moves closer, becoming flirty. ‘I think you KNOW what I mean… I can’t be the ONLY one who’s felt it,’ Valeria says.

Penny is shocked, then obviously flustered and tempted. She hesitates briefly, insisting that she wants to make it very clear that she only helped with Valeria’s care out of the goodness of her heart — NOT because she was expecting anything in return. ‘People might look at you a certain way if they thought I was just your SUGAR-MAMA or something…’ Penny insists.

Valeria insists that she NEVER thought of Penny only as a sugar-mama type, and she doesn’t care WHAT other people think anyway. At the end of the day, she just wants to express all of her love and gratitude to Penny…