Spying On The Boss’s Wife, Scene #01

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Brittney Kade, wearing a silk robe, answers the door and sees that the visitor is a man in business attire, Steve Rickz. He looks a bit flustered at the sight of a beautiful woman wearing only a robe, but manages to introduce himself and explain that he’s supposed to meet with his boss here. Brittney introduces herself as his boss’s wife and says that her husband mentioned Steve would be coming, but unfortunately her husband is running late because of an urgent request from a client. She apologizes for the circumstances and invites Steve to wait inside for her husband to arrive.Steve enters the house, and Brittney explains that she’s about to take a shower so she can’t entertain him, but he’s welcome to make himself comfortable in the living room. Brittney leaves to take a shower, and Steve sits down on the couch. A moment later, he hears the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. He looks tempted, thinking to himself that it’s hard to just sit around when he knows that such a gorgeous woman is showering right nearby… he’d LOVE to sneak a peek. After a brief moment of consideration, he decides to go for it. He gets off the couch and heads for the bathroom.Steve sneaks into the bathroom and admires the sight of Brittney’s naked body as she showers, while Brittney remains unaware of his presence. Eventually, Steve sees Brittney’s panties on the bathroom counter and decides that he wants to take a sniff. But he becomes so enraptured with the scent that one sniff isn’t enough, and he keeps sniffing until Brittney finally sees him. She abruptly shuts off the shower, saying ‘Well, well, what have we here?’ Steve looks shocked, realizing that he’s been caught red-handed, but to his surprise she doesn’t seem angry…