Melanie Hicks – Step Sons Bully Reclaimed – Vol 1, Scene #01

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Cheater Busted-

Melanie Hicks is wearing a simple black dress as she walks up to the front door of her step-son’s mansion. She is surprised to find the door locked! Luke Longly walks outside and he tells her that he’s changed the locks ever since he found out that she’s been secretly fucking Tyrone’s step-dad’s BBC! Melanie reassures Luke that Jonathon’s BBC is way too big to fit in her ass hole, so that hole is still all his. Luke makes Melanie strip out of her dress, in order to get the new key to the house. Melanie takes her black dress off but she leaves the beige thigh high stockings on as she kneels down and gives Luke a blowjob. While she is sucking his cock, Luke reminds her that her ass hole belongs to him and Jonathon is only ever allowed to use her pussy and mouth. Once his cock is hard, they finally walk inside the house. He has Melanie sit on the edge of his living room couch, so he has easy access to her ass even though she is lying down in the missionary position. A few minutes later, she flips over into the doggystyle position and he continues to fuck her ass from behind. She licks his cock clean before he fucks her pussy next…

Butt First Anal-

Melanie is wearing a white bath robe as she walks into Luke’s bedroom to speak to him. ‘Tyrone’s step-dad, Jonathan, just called me. I know you said I need to discuss it with you first,’ Melanie says. Luke reminds her that he must get to fuck her first! Melanie strips out of the bathrobe before she crawls onto the bed and starts to give him a blowjob. Once his cock is nice and hard, he starts to fuck her ass in the missionary position again. After he fucks her ass for a few minutes, she flips over into the doggystyle position. Her tan lines are visible around her ass as he fucks her from behind. She eventually flips back over on to her back and he fucks her pussy in the missionary position this time.When he is ready to cum, she jerks him off into her mouth and swallows all his cum!

The First Client-

Melanie calls Luke into her bedroom, and when he arrives he finds her wearing black and purple lingerie with black high heels. Melanie begins to tell Luke about the date she has to go on tonight, where a man will be paying her to take her out on the date. But before she leaves, she wants to have some practice fun with Luke! She gets down on her knees in front of him and she starts to give him a blowjob. She pulls off her bra and panties, but she leaves her thigh high stockings on. Then, she lies down at the edge of the bed so Luke can fuck her holes. He fucks her ass and pussy, back and forth, in no particular order. Melanie moves into the doggystyle position next and he fucks her ass from behind. She lies down in the missionary position again and he continues to fuck her pussy and ass back and forth. When he is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off into her mouth and all over her face! Her face is covered in his cum when he is done with her!