Leaving Ladies Night, Scene #01

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Description: With a hot wife like a Santana Ayo, you never know what to expect. When her hubby gets a call from her on her ladies night out – telling him to meet her by a dumpster, he knows he’s in for another wild ride. He shows up to see Santana with her hands all over a mountain of a gentleman, Jovan Jordan, apparently. Clearly, this insatiable hot wife wants to bring Jovan home. But first she wants to size him up – right there in the parking lot by the dumpster!

Santana was not disappointed, Jovan looked to be about 6 inches… around! She got on her knees and stretched her jaw out to blow him, right there in public with her husband watching! She even takes her big tits out for Jovan to play with before they head back home to finish each other off. Santana deepthroats him, but can still only take 3/4 of his massive member. She moans and squeals as this rando enters her – she tells her husband how big Jovan is and how she is being completely stretched out. It didn’t take long for her to start cumming from the deep pounding, her pussy was totally soaked in her own girlie juices. Jovan slammed her hairy hole, making her orgasm a few more times before pulling out and nutting right in her hungry mouth!