I’ll Change Your Mind, You’ll See, Scene #01

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Lulu Chu is hanging out with her girlfriend, Hime Marie, and talking about massages. While Lulu loves getting massages, Hime is NOT a fan. Hime hates the idea of strangers rubbing their hands all over her body, along with the cheesy atmosphere, and just always feels like she’s thrown away money. But Lulu is confident that if Hime lets HER give her a massage, Hime will change her mind. After some playful back and forth, Hime finally gives in.Lulu breaks out a bottle of massage oil and has Hime strip and lie face-down on the bed. Lulu then gives Hime a very intimate massage, rubbing her hands all over Hime’s body. But instead of feeling nice and relaxed, Hime only feels more charged and aroused. And when Lulu offers to give Hime a happy ending like no other, well, it looks like Hime’s changed her mind about massages after all!