Gigi Dior and Cory Chase – No Nut November – Step Mom JOI, Scene #01

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Cory Chase is wearing red lingerie and Gigi Dior is wearing purple lingerie, as they slowly walk into your hotel room. They sit down on the bed and they both pull their big tits out from under their bras, while telling you that they want you to start jerking your cock off. Not too fast though! The two MILF’s start to kiss each other with their tongues, and you slowly jerk your cock off as you watch them! The two MILF’s move into the doggystyle position, and Gigi gently pulls Cory’s panties off of her, exposing her pussy and ass hole. Cory pulls Gigi’s panties off next, and now both MILF’s are naked in front of you! You start to imagine what your cock would look like going in and out of their tight holes, and you stroke your cock a little faster now. Cory and Gigi both stick out their tongues in front of you, and try to tempt you to cum in their mouths! They shake their big, enhanced tits in your face while whisking their tongues up and down in front of you. They start to count down from 10, and when they get to 1, you will finally be allowed to cum… or not cum! Now that they’ve reached 1, you have your choice: should you cum, or should you give in to No Nut November? The choice is yours, but keep in mind… these MILF’s love naughty boys!