Feels Like Old Times, Scene #01

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Daisy Taylor and her boyfriend Michael Vegas get into an argument and break up. After days of moping around her home, Daisy finds herself scrolling through social media where she comes across a photo of an old fuck buddy, Jayden Marcos. Feeling inspired, she reaches out to him for a date, to which he enthusiastically accepts.Excited for the date, Daisy tries on several clothes before settling on a sexy little black dress. Jayden then arrives with a bouquet of flowers, and they sit down to have dinner together. However, the conversation during dinner ends up being stiff and awkward, and Jayden starts looking at his phone. Were they always this bad at communicating?Daisy then remembers that whenever she was with Jayden before, their BODIES did most of the talking. She extends her leg under the table and mischievously rubs Jayden’s crotch with her foot, causing him to forget all about his phone. Now that sparks are finally flying between them again, Daisy crawls under the table so she can give Jayden a blowjob and more!