Everything is BIGGER in The States, Scene #01

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Jay Romero is nervous but excited. His step-cousin Sofi Adam is arriving from away – today! Jay is wearing a nice outfit and intends to be a perfect host. When she arrives, Jay rushes to let Sofi in and carry her bags. He gives her a tour of the massive home, but Sofi is only interested in a nice, hot shower. She strips down in front of her step-cousin Jay. Must be a European thing?? Jay watches Sofi shower her sexy body before she calls him out – she tells him to stop being shy! Sofi gets out of the shower and doesn’t even bother to hide her nakedness. She tells her step-cousin that she is impressed with how big everything in America is. Jay starts citing the over-sized features of his home, but Sofi is not interested in furniture. She wants to see her step-cousin’s cock! Sofi pulls Jay’s dick out and is impressed with her step-cousin big member. She begins to suck his cock right there in the bathroom. Sofi lets her step-cousin poke his dick in her pussy from behind while she leans over the tub. She climbs on her step-cousin and rides his hard knob until her pulsing pussy is soaked with her own juices. Jay makes his traveling step-cousin cum repeatedly before she allows him to nut in her mouth!