Don’t Tell My Parents I Assfucked The Babysitter #02 – Emma Rosie


Description: Elias Cash has a crush on Emma Rosie, the hot babysitter his parents got to look after Elias’ younger sibling. But Elias thinks there’s no way Emma would be interested in him, so he decides to just retreat to his room so he can masturbate while daydreaming about her.

However, Emma opens the door to ask Elias a question, and ends up getting quite a view! She’s startled at first, but then becomes turned on, saying that Elias has a nice cock and he shouldn’t have to take care of it alone. As Emma strokes his cock, she admits that Elias is the kind of guy she likes. She eagerly gives him a blowjob, and then invites Elias to fuck her. It looks like his daydream is becoming a reality!