Cozy by the Fire

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Kasey Kei and her girlfriend Lulu Chu are both wearing cozy fleece pajamas and wool socks, but they’re still shivering as they huddle together. Kasey says it’s terrible timing that their electric heating broke down on such a FREEZING day. Lulu agrees, especially since it’ll be at least a few more hours before the technician can get there to take a look at it! Kasey suggests that they try lighting their fireplace – they’ve been keeping it well-maintained even though they haven’t used it in ages, so hopefully that dedication will pay off. The couple hurries off to light the fire, throw down some rugs, and get nice and cozy.As they happily curl up to bask in each other’s body heat, Lulu says this feels SO nice, and she could stay like this forever. Kasey playfully and suggestively says ‘Are you sure? Because I know a way we can get even WARMER…’ Lulu smiles eagerly as they lovingly embrace, turning up the heat a notch!