Courier Crush, Scene #01

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Kasey Kei is a beautician who has her own spa business. She answers the door and sees Cliff Jensen, a courier who regularly delivers supplies to the spa. Kasey invites him inside to set the boxes down, and chats with him a bit. Though it may seem purely platonic at first glance, there are subtle hints that the two of them are attracted to one another and that they are subtly flirting. At one point, however, Cliff announces that he’s been relocated to a different route, so this might actually be the last time they see each other. The conversation takes a melancholy turn, as it becomes clear that both of them aren’t too happy about the idea of never seeing each other again. Knowing this might be her last chance, Kasey confesses that she was hoping to ask him out one day.Upon hearing this, Cliff perks up, admitting that he felt the same way, but didn’t want to come off as inappropriate since she’s at work. Kasey chuckles, saying she was worried about the same thing – she didn’t want to bother HIM while he was working! But since he’s completed his final delivery here… he’s not TECHNICALLY Kasey’s delivery guy ANYMORE, right? Cliff can’t argue with that logic, and they happily come together for a kiss.