Cory Chase in Step Mom has a Confession, Scene #01

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Cory Chase is wearing a purple bikini as you (Luke Longly) walk into the room. She wants to confess something to you, and she makes you promise that you won’t tell a soul what she tells you! You agree to keep your lips sealed, and she is finally ready to confess. ‘I slept with my step-son!’ she exclaims. ‘I can’t believe I just told you that!’ she giggles. She begins to tell you about how the affair with her step-son started, and she can sense that your cock is starting to get hard under your pants. She gets down on her knees in front of you and she pulls your hard cock out and starts to suck it. After she gives you a blowjob, she sits down on the kitchen chair and you start to fuck her pussy, just like her step-son did! You fuck her ass and her pussy, back and forth. She licks your cock clean, before she switches into the doggystyle position. You goes straight to her ass hole this time and you fucks her slow at first, then faster. She licks your cock clean once more before you goes back to fucking her ass hole again. She flips over into the missionary position while she is still sitting on the chair, and you fuck her pussy and ass back and forth. When you are ready to cum, you tell Cory to get down on her knees and open her mouth wide. Then, you jerk your cock off into her mouth and on her face, just like her step-son did last night…!