Cory Chase in BBC Bully Vol 2, Scene #01

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I Was Not Expecting You-

Jonathon is at Cory’s front porch, and she wasn’t expecting him today! ‘Our step-son’s have been fighting again,’ he tells her, as they sit down next to each other on the beige couch. Cory is completely naked besides the open bathrobe she has on, exposing her breasts and her pussy. Jonathan is wearing a red t-shirt with beige shorts, but Cory quickly pulls his shorts off. She takes his huge cock out and she starts to give him a blowjob. They’re both in the nude now as she sits on the floor in between his legs, sucking his BBC. She puts his huge cock in between her tits and she titty fucks him. Once his cock is nice and hard, she climbs on top of him and she rides his BBC in the cowgirl position. She flips over and she continues riding his cock in the reverse cowgirl position next. She moves into the doggystyle position and Cory moans ‘Oh my God, Jonathon!’ as he thrusts his cock deep inside of her pussy. While she is still in the doggystyle position, Cory tells him that he can fuck her ass next! He slowly puts his thick, BBC deep inside of her ass hole. Cory moves into the missionary position and he fucks her pussy some more. Then, Cory grabs Joanthon’s hand and she leads him into the bedroom…

Do You Like My Lingerie-

Jonathan is lying down on Cory’s bed, waiting for her to emerge from the bathroom. A few seconds later, she walks out and she’s wearing green lingerie. Jonathan gets out of bed and he follows her back into the bathroom. She gets down on her knees in front of a naked Jonathon, and she starts to suck his huge cock. Cory hops up on the bathroom counter and she spreads her legs. Jonathon starts to eat her pussy out, before he shoves his cock deep inside of her pussy. While she is still in the missionary position on the sink counter, he starts to fuck her ass hole next. She stands up and she puts one leg up on the counter; Jonathan starts to fuck her ass from behind, while she is standing. While she is still standing, Jonathan switches back and forth between her as and pussy. Cory grabs Jonathon by his cock and she walks him back into the bedroom. Jonathan lies down on the bed and Cory starts to give him a blowjob again. She climbs on top of him and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position once more. She turns around and continues riding his cock with her ass in the reverse cowgirl position. When he is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Cory’s face, neck and mouth. Then he fucks her ass hole one last time, releasing the last bits of his cum deep inside of her ass!